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80:20 Risk Management offer our Clients bespoke training.  We know that there is an over-crowded marketplace for off the shelf accredited training, but we feel that whilst this training will give you a base knowledge, it relies on your staff taking the time to apply the course to your business. With the pressures of workload, this does not always happen and merely having a certificate of attendance and passing a generic course offers little benefit if the knowledge isn't applied.  The training we offer is developed with you and is tailored to your business. This can help cement learnings into your everyday operations.

We have teamed up with Nimble E-Learning to offer our Clients an exciting new E-Learning solution, again tailored to your business operations.  E-Learning is fast becoming an important tool for modern businesses to upskill their employees and maintain their level of competence.  This can prove to be a more efficient use of time, meaning your team does not have to spend days out of the business.

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NEW LOGO-1.1.png
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